Dark circles under the eyes are commonly seen in all ages of people. It

depends on our skin color either black or brown. When we have dark circles we look

tired and unhealthy. Periorbital dark circles, periorbital puffiness are various types of dark circles. Periorbital puffiness means swelling around the eyes, due to age problems and eye infection. Wearing glasses regularly is also one of the main reasons that lead to dark circles.

What is the main cause of Dark circles

● Fatigue or lack of sleepness

● Eyestrain

● Heredity

● Pregnancy

● Sunlight

Fatigue or lack of sleepness

Fatigue means lack of sleep can cause your skin to dull and pale wherein puffy

eyelids are formed under our eyes. If we are not sleeping well, our skin will beneath

and turns into dark tissues.


Nowadays we are using lots of mobile, tv tabs, etc. This mainly affects the blood

vessels and form an enlargement around the eyes leading to darkness.


When your father or mother have dark circles or a thyroid problem, you will

have pigmentation under your eyes. Sometimes it will go automatically when you become an adult, otherwise, you need proper treatment.


In the early stage of pregnancy, most of the women will have dark circles

around the eyes after two-three months. It will disappear automatically, but for some, it will remain until at the time of giving birth.


Over sun exposure will increase melanin content under the eyes because those areas are so sensitive and thin which makes the blood vessels darker.

Treatment for dark circles

Frequently there are many ways to get rid of dark circles under your eyes. First and foremost is to get good sleep for a minimum of eight hours. A cold tea bag is beneficial under the eyes because tea contains antioxidants that help you to beneath your skin. 

A cold compress can reduce the appearance of puffiness. Cucumber is one of the best remedies for dark circles which is cut into small pieces and applied under the eyes. Almond oil is another best therapy to be applied before going to

bed. Vitamin K and Vitamin E help us to get rid of dark circles.

Medical way to treat dark circles

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