Blackheads” might be in your chin, or nose, or your foreheads… You might have scrubbed the black harsh blemishes and hope of a magical disappearance. This article is all about sinking hydrafacial treatment for blackhead extraction. Hairfair is famed as an assured clinical center that cures dry skin in Kochi. We connect you to our skin clinic in Kochi.

~If you are beauty cognizant, then definitely you have heard of Hydrafacial. A very prominent skincare treatment wherein medical spas or Dermatologists infuse a suction machine to extract dirt & oil, exfoliate skin and stimulate blood circulation. We have the best skin specialist who practices minimal invasive procedures treating Anti-dandruff solutions in Kochi.

A three-step process that works upon…

Deep cleaning→ Exfoliate→ Hydration

A noninvasive mediation to clear acne breakouts, dryness & wrinkles. The procedure is similar to that of a regular facial and delivers more desired results. 

Are you more inquisitive about whether Hydrafacial is worth-beneficial for unclogging blackheads? Here’s the article for you… We have expanded our services in wedding packages for skin in Kochi.

What exactly are Blackheads?

They are typically a mild type of acne seen in nose & chin areas caused by dead skin cells. As discussed later, the vacuum suction utilized in Hydrafacial defuses the dirt in pores and eliminates blackheads. No more squeezing your blackheads… Blackheads are a trauma that doesn’t respond to squeezing and pushing. Plucking blackheads with nails carry the underskin infection or dirt to the surrounding area and cause painful damage. 

Now, what causes blackheads?

  • Fluctuating Hormones 
  • Sweating in tight clothes or hats or helmets
  • Usage of thick creams
  • Application of oil-based skin products
  • Lastly, it could be the genetical cause

The 6 step procedure of Hydrafacial…

Have you tried Blackhead Strips? 

Experts recommend Hydrafacial to get rid of blackheads rather than using blackhead strips. Hope you might have noticed the procedure? A 2-4 inch width strip grasps the initial layer of blackheads leaving the remaining scars of bacteria, sebum, and oil on the skin surface itself. Henceforth exfoliation occurs only in certain facial skin causing uneven skin tone. Moreover, the thick blackhead strips don’t fit properly on top nostrils or chin areas. 

Hydrafacial for Blackheads…

Hydrafacial lends you a complete deep cleansing of the skin, unclogging all the breakouts and removing debris for improving overall skin texture and appearance. Clinical studies proved the treatment suits not only for exfoliation but also hydrates your skin with facial serums. 

Let’s Conclude

Now it’s evident how hydrafacial is beneficial in extracting blackheads. Clear all your facial blemishes to drive a glowy complexion. Hydrafacial sessions probably depend upon the skin condition. An expert Dermatologist can help you indicate the number of sessions often required for the treatment…

Hairfair is equipped with professionally trained dermatologists delivering hair fall solutions in Kochi.