Nutrition is all about a crystal factor for healthy skin, metabolism, weight gain, and proper functioning of organs. You might have known of the healthy foodstuff, meanwhile, a majority still doubt the foods awful for the skin, best fruits for healthy skin, factors that nourish flawless skin naturally, and many more. We support acne scars treatment in Kochi and are a wow inspiring cosmetology clinic in Kochi.

~Eat your way to fabulous skin complexion in this lockdown…

Your skin is the replica of your overall health. Hairfair is noted as the best Dermatology clinic in Kochi that boosts your self-confidence, appearance, and approach. We have a dedicated team of specialists headed by Dr. Niluffer Sherif with her profound knowledge and expertise in Botox treatment and laser hair removal in Kochi.

Be healthy inside… It reflects your healthy complexion and gives a youthful boost. Keep the unhealthy foodstuff at bay whether on weekends, or get-togethers or when you’re stressed. Be cautious of the supplementary pills that aren’t a healthy substitute. As per physicians, too much intake of refined sugars or processed foods may hike your glycemic index level causing inflammation, skin breakouts, and more. 

~What Flavours Your Health? Let’s see

  • Green Tea

The rainy season wraps you in a nutshell of a cold climate. Try a cup of green tea contained with polyphenols. Polyphenols have all its evidence to drop off the sebum or oil production that our body develops. There’s one more feature→ It has got flavonoids that merge with DNA repairing & helps in relieving fine lines. 

  • Kiwis

Why Kiwis particularly ripened one is more worthwhile than oranges? A unique answer lies in the huge component of Vitamin C that Kiwi possesses over orange. Vitamin C can safeguard your skin against UV rays, helps in collagen production keeping skin hydrated. 

  • Avocados

It is a family of Vitamin C and E that helps against cell damage. Lutein and Zeaxanthin are quite other segments to say that enhance the skin tone. Moreover, avocados contain an adequate source of monounsaturated fat that absorbs vitamins A, D, E, and K.

  • Yogurt

A great filling snack embedded with probiotics that are quite friendly bacteria to fight against inflammation causing acne, atopic dermatitis, as well as psoriasis. Have you got sagging skin? Yogurt is an attempt to increase your skin’s hydration and restrain from saggy fur. 

  • Have adequate intake of water

Dry skin is an irritable state of skin texture that affects your self-confidence and self-esteem. Experts suggest sipping 8 cups of water daily is quite sufficient to get hydrated and stimulate healthy, glowy skin. 

  • Olive Oil

Include Olive Oil in your regular diet with an abundant source of antioxidants to lessen inflammation that may lead to eczema and psoriasis. Among more than 200 natural products in Olive oil, the crucial antioxidant is famed as phenols. 

  • Oily Fish

Q10 and CoQ10 have naturally yielded substances in our body that nourishes cell growth and discards free radical damage caused to the skin. CoQ10 fights against the formation of fine lines and wrinkles meanwhile furnishing an overall smoothing texture. Well, CoQ10 gradually lowers as age progresses. Herring, salmon, and tuna have abundant CoQ10. 

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And Lastly…

A proper diet with adequate nutrition can cope with all sorts of necessities your body obliges and also glow from inside out. Stay physically fit, get relief from stressful thoughts and activities & sip lots of water. Living hygiene and adopting a healthy lifestyle especially in the current pandemic situation is a concern of today. If you examine skin troubles and anxieties, never hesitate… Consult your Dermatologist!! 

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