Hair is known to be one of the attractive physical appearances which define a person. Everyone prefers healthy and strong hair and is in the probe of hair treatments to shine well. Whereas there are few ladies who feel lazy and barely concerned about their hair growth. Hair brushing seems to be a simple way of softening your shiny hair. 

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Majority of us don’t acknowledge the common mistakes we commit upon this simple act. Improper brushing may break the hair strands and leads to thinning and dullness. 

We are equipped with professionally trained dermatologists delivering hair fall solutions in Kochi. The good news is we have found the root cause of the issue and are glad to share some of the brushing mistakes.

  • Choosing the wrong brush

A hairbrush is a common tool we use every day in our daily routine. Always find a suitable hairbrush that suits your hair texture. Select those hairbrushes which can detangle your hair tone with minimal damage.

  1. For thick hair- nylon brush with flexible bristles
  2. Fine hair: soft brush with boar bristles
  3. Curly hair: wide tooth comb

It is recommended to avoid ball-ended bristles that can wrap your hair over the ball and get ripped off. Flat bristles are best suited for sleeker finishes.

  • Brushing from scalp to tip

Combing from top to bottom tugs more number of knots and may strike somewhere in the middle causing breakage. Start from the bottom ends and untangle your hair slowly to the scalp. Clearing out knots in the roots may condition natural oil throughout the hair and stay healthy. Never comb under one stretch so that hair is relieved from the unnecessary snaps.

  • Not brushing before you shower

Hair specialist suggests combing your hair every pre-shower to curtail detangling and breakage. Hair is ultimately fragile under wetness and may create several knots upon combing after a shower.

  • Same brush for wet and dry hair

Most people pull out their hair using the very same brush throughout. However, this may ruin your hair texture and cause brittle ends. Wet hair usually suits flexible bristles to avoid causing tension and reflect a hand free easy brushing.


Start boosting up and clarify yourself with all these factors. Never brush too much as they can potentially damage your hair tone. Add natural luster while brushing in the right manner. Use a gentle way to smoothen your hair and always choose a suitable brush type to detangle hair strands. Regularly clean your brush at least once every two weeks by soaking in a mixture of hot water. 

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