1. Importance to know what is good and harmful to your face
  2. Products you should avoid on your face

Both men and women are utterly conscious of glowing facial skin to improve their esteem within others. Many of us have ample doubts about the usage of skin products which may end up damaging further. We connect you to our skin clinic for acne treatment in Kerala. Hair fair is one of the best skin and hair clinics in Kerala.

Certain ingredients can irritate or even produce a burning sensation. And of course, not all-natural ingredients are suitable for delicate and healthy skin. 

Moreover, our eyes and lips being so fragile and sensitive, we need to be very cautious in choosing facial products.

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Don’t panic. Our expert Dermatologists are here to guide you. We are a trustworthy and first Dermatology clinic in Kerala. Just check out these products to be avoided on the face.

  • Body lotion

The huge fragrance of body lotion can cause allergic reactions on your delicate face. It is as thick as heavy chemicals to penetrate and induce severe breakouts. Hence it is advisable to choose fragrance-free and oil-free moisturizers to lock your skin fresh.

  • Lemon

Intake of juicy lemon adds an aromatic flavor to our body and is indeed healthy. While rinsing on your face is harmful as it has an abundant source of citric acid which produces a burning sensation. Psoralen chemical in lemon makes your skin sensitive to light causing rashes and itchy skin.

  • Sugar

As per a Dermatologist, applying sugar scrubs on your face leads to scratches and microscopic tears beneath your skin. Sugar crystals are quite rough and the sharp edges can cause tiny cuts.

  • Hot water

All of us might have experienced a steam facial which is of course excellent for skin relaxation. But pouring hot water directly will steal the moisture content leaving it dry. Hence it is recommended to use lukewarm water to maintain pH balance and stay healthy.

  • Petroleum jelly

It is being applied under dried conditions when skin tone changes more than usual. Certain petroleum jellies lock the moisture from entering and seals dirt on your skin. This leads to more dryness on your face. 

  • Toothpaste

It’s quite normal to dab toothpaste on pimples or blackheads to dry up quickly. But many of you are unaware of the discoloration and dark spots on the face with the usage of toothpaste. Melanin content and mint are an abundant source which causes blemishes when applied for prolonged periods.

To know more harmful products which influence your facial skin, read the article:

Try avoiding the above-mentioned ingredients and be cautious with the beauty hacks. Either it is chemical-based or cosmetic, be aware of the benefits and harmful effects. We have the best skin specialist in Kochi who practices minimal invasive procedures. Use face creams, moisturizers, and homemade facial packs to enrich your skin naturally.

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