Often named as Permanent Makeup is meant for those who seek an ultimate solution as a real challenge for applying makeup… Hairfair is famed as PRP for hair treatment in Kochi, Cure back acne in Cochin, Dark lips treatment in Cochin, and Skincare treatment in Kochi.

To shine at catwalks, star in journals, Instagram feeds, etc with limited makeup skills, Micropigmentation is a unique option. 

✓It is also famed as permanent cosmetics or permanent tattooing. Eyebrows, eyelashes, and eyelids are common treatment prone areas. A permanent state-of-the-art technique with a natural, permanent realistic glow to eyebrows eyeliner, and facial scars.

We have a dedicated team of specialists headed by Dr. Niluffer Sherif with her profound knowledge and expertise in Botox treatment and laser hair removal in Kochi.

Let’s simplify Micropigmentation as follows…

  • Improve your scars
  • Restore lost coloring
  • Even out skin coloring

Do you desire well-groomed eyebrows? 

We support acne scars treatment in Kochi and is a wow inspiring cosmetology clinic in Kochi.

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Are you a person who resists applying makeup and would wish to look in its eternal beauty? Then you are a promising candidate for Micropigmentation… Some would prefer fuller or bolder eyebrows or eyelashes, maybe you are looking for ways to get rid of scars and to enrich with well-defined colored lips… Micropigmentation is quite a one-stop remedy. 

✓✓You might be wondering if the treatment suits certain medical conditions… Shall we have a look?

  • An after follow-up to reconstructive surgery on the face.
  • To replace thinned eyebrows as age passes. 
  • Are you an allergen to temporary makeup? Micropigmentation is a permanent remedy 


The Micropigmentation machine is that of a pen-like instrument, its needles and pigment are highly different from traditional tattooing. They are built for a permanent purpose solution where the needle dimensions exactly match the higher degree of precision. 

✓How is it done??

The middle layer of your skin gets deeply penetrated by the needle injecting an iron oxide pigment. The procedure however lasts for 30min to few hours depending on its complexity. While completing the treatment, your expert specialist gives you antiseptic to cleanse the area of treatment, & ointment to stay soft and easily recovered. 

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Now, What are the Aftercare follow-ups?

You return home on the same day of treatment…Get to know the exact number of treatments to be undergone to seek the desired outcome. 

✓Get iced on the area of treatments once it is swelled or reddish. 

✓Apply the type of treatment you can soothe at the printed area.

✓Follow all the instructions advised by your cosmetic specialist

✓Once you experience severe swelling, pain, fever, rashes, & a feel of burning sensation, then consult your specialist immediately. 

Micropigmentation is of course a permanent cosmetic solution to improve your skin. Hairfair is noted as the best Dermatology clinic in Kochi that boosts your self-confidence, appearance, and approach. 

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