We all are conscious of skin care regimes than ever before. You may be admiring, what’s all about this article? Even Though, cosmetic treatments have widely expanded, do you follow a healthy skincare routine? Comment your answer… 

👉Is your shopping cart lists serums, moisturizers, exfoliants, or creams? Then what could be your skincare regime on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? Let us know!! 👈 We connect you to our skin clinic in Kochi.

➡️Need a direction to handle your healthy skin? Here we go… ✍️

Daily Routine

💥Cleanse every night

Your skin may be fresh at AM, while when it reaches PM it requires a soaking touch to get rid of makeup, sunscreens, dirt, oil, and bacteria that lie in your pores. Henceforth, you might choose gentle soap cleansers, micellar water, or oil-based cleansers. 

💥Wear Sunscreen

Heavy sun damage caused to the skin runs far beyond just tan issues. Inflammation, skin cancer, and photoaging are the cautions to be noted. Hereafter, experts recommend Sunscreens with minimal SPF 30 UVA and UVB daily. 

💥Skip if required!!

Do understand your skin’s needs. It may duly change prior to climate, weather, season, and of course age. 

What do you think on a humid day, to apply the regular rich moisturizer? Skip rather than give it a second thought!!

Never feel like you should follow the same routine all the time… Your regime should be skin-friendly and environment friendly.

Weekly Routine


Every skin doesn’t need exfoliation. Regular cleansing is indeed worth putting off dead skin cells. A chemical exfoliant says AHA or BHA helps your skin shower a bright look free from clogged pores. 

💥Extract your pores

Do you have blackheads in your nose? Congested pores are quite annoying and may lead to the worst acne formation. Clay or charcoal-based mask helps in loosening clogs which further lessen its appearance. 

Monthly Routine

💥Are you conscious about expiry dates?

Once a month, it is quite mandatory to follow the expiry dates of your skincare products. Utmost care to those products that you scoop with fingers. It may induce bacterial fungus inside the product and henceforth it is suggested to discard after 6 months. 


A monthly self-skin check is advised to spot any severe complexion that seeks immediate and expert care. A thorough examination is proposed to analyze your skin effects. 

Final Words…

Skincare regime is something followed in a way that you enjoy, something you feel stress-free and quite interesting. Earn yourself self-confidence and give the best care you can and enjoy the glow within… 

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